Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Do me a favor ?

Readers . May I borrow your 3 minutes please?
I want to ask for help to my readers who are also Facebook users :)
Recently, I accidentally entered a contest in Facebook!
It is called the 'Cute Girl Photo Contest' ,
Nahhhh. I know it sounds absurd. LOL :'p
But come on. Why don't you support me this time?
Firstly, you will need to LIKE this page :

Next, please yourself to click the LIKE button on my picture :

This contest will be close on 31st July. So do vote for me as soon as possible and ask your friends to vote for me too :D
Seriously I thank you so much for the support !
A million thanks to you guys
This may be my time. Next time, I'll help you back.
I give you my word :)

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