Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hero Of The Nation Hope

" Wira wirawati harapan bangsa
Tiba masa kita berjasa

Kita sahut cabaran bergerak seiringan

Demi mencapai wawasan. "

HAAA tahu ini lagu apa? hihihi lagu PLKN tu daaaa .
I feel very gooood, seronok kot sebab
tidak terpilih untuk Program Latihan Khidmat Negara siri9/12 .
so you guys will not gonna miss me for 3 months next year :p
Thank God oh ! seriously aku tanak pergi program tu.
cause I already have so many plans in my head for after spm hihi.
You guys will not see me in the blue uniform and marching around in groups of heroes :D

Hereby, I sincerely would like to thank a thousand times to the government for not picking me up for the programme next year .
I owe you one HAHA ,
so nvm. Although I'm not there to join it ,
still I love my beloved country and will never cheat on Malaysia yaw ;)

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