Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I love you, daddy!


Pagi isnin 4 Februari pada jam 11.30 pagi, my mom called me while I was in class and tell me this news.....

"Hello aneem. Ibu nak bagitahu ni. Baba accident. Dia accident teruk pagi tadi. Ibu dekat hospital sekarang ni. Baba masih dalam wad emergency. Teruk dia accident langgar divider, kereta berpusing. Ibu tak dapat lama ni, dalam hospital tak ada line. Ibu lari keluar kejap ni. Nanti apa-apa ibu call lagi k."

And I instantly cry outside the class. I was so scared if anything bad happen. Sedih, takut semua ada! Masa tu pendam sorang-sorang lagi. Cepat cepat kesat air mata dan act normal supaya tak ada siapa pun perasan apa yg terjadi. Lepas masuk kelas balik, fikiran memang dah melayang jauh. Tak dapat nak fikir apa langsung dah. Fikir pasal baba je. I wonder what happen to him :'(

But yeah. Kesedihan itu tak dpt ditutup juga. My friend, Nurul Fatin Roslan finally found out. She could tell that I was not okay so she asked me what's wrong. And I cried to her :'( It took me quite some times to tell her as I was crying. Bila dah okay sikit, I told her what happen and she was shocked. She told me to be strong and patient. Thanks Fatin for being there for me.

Tepat jam 12.45 tengahari when class is over, I decided to pack my stuff and go back immediately to Kuala Lumpur. I told Fatin about this, and I texted my class rap and few lecturers. After packing my things, at about 2.45 pm I called the taxi to take me to the Kuala Pilah bus station from UiTM. I thanked God very much because He helped me through out the journey. Sampai stesen bas Kuala Pilah, bas untuk ke Seremban terus sampai. Sampai terminal one Seremban pula, bas ke Kuala Lumpur sudah tersedia. The whole journey was very smooth, alhamdulillah. So my bus stopped at puduraya, and I took the star LRT from station Plaza Rakyat to station Titiwangsa because I wanted to go to KPJ Tawakkal Specialist Hospital, Kuala Lumpur where my dad was hospitalized. As I arrived at Titiwangsa LRT station, I walked to the hospital.

Alhamdulillahi robbil alamin. My dad injuries were not serious. He had a head concussion, minor spasm, received few stitches on his head, cuts and bruises all around his body but thanked God the doctor said he has no internal injuries. Kuasa Tuhan. Even though his car skidded and overturned and hit the divider. God is with him, alhamdulillah alhamdulillah.

Yesterday, he had to do the physiotherapy session twice. Everything is okay so far. Hari ini pun masih menjalani physio treatment tu. After three days being in hospital, the doctor finally allows him to discharge insyaAllah this late evening, insyaAllah. Yay, syukur! :)

Hereby, I would like to thank to everyone that continuously pray for my dad dan tak putus putus datang jenguk beliau since day one. God's blesses and my prayers are always with each and all of you. :') And guys, please meet my beloved and handsome daddy, Encik Abd Rahim bin Omar. I love you, daddy! Semoga cepat sembuh:*


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