Friday, June 10, 2011

Boring Lame

Things you can do when you are bored :

1. Go to the parking lot and start to count the cars.
2. Start to scream in the cinemas.
3. Get rid of all garbage bags around your neighbourhood.
4. Go chase packs of canine.
5. Fly and catch some birds.
6. Go to the library and find a book that has your name it in.
7. Try to jump higher than your house.
8. Try to swallow your tongue.
9. Crawl along the highway.
10. Memorize all the plate number you can see on roads.
11. See wether your fish can stay alive off water.
12. Force yourself sneeze 30 times in 1 minute.
13. Grow your finger nails.
14. Make your cat mohawks.
15. Paint your ceiling.
16. Iron your iron board.
17. Copy a dozens of your house key.
18. Make new friends in Jamaica.
19. See how hard you can punch your face.
20. Go to Amerika and speak Spanish!

Seriously, how bad can it be?
Oh yes i am terribly bored =='

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