Sunday, July 24, 2011

No more #bieber

He has truly gone wild ! He now speaks and do whatever he wants . Yuckkss. How immature is that? Please Bieber, grow up.

You guys want to know what he has done? Well firstly, he says something bad about Islam. Then he compared Islam to Christianity by saying that Christianity is more peaceful than Islam. He then was reported criticised Islam and once again compared Islam with Christianity and Judaism. Not enough with that, he has insulted Islam and was once threw a water bottle to a young muslim fan in the face!

What ever is your religion or belief, you cannot just simply insult and criticise other religions as you please. You should have some respect and be more thoughtful of whatever you say that may be sensitive to others. Religion is not a small matter to us as Muslims.

This should open the eyes of every muslim fans of Bieber, beneath his attitude againts out beloved religion.

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