Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tags Bubble

I was tagged on formspring . Yes it was about naming my 10 favourite spammers . So here it goes . I'm gonna tell a bit about them and tell why i pick them :)

1. Myn a.k.a Tauke Bahulu
She was very friendly and gladden. Always has so many things to ask and always share her opinion. She also have a lot sense of humor :)

2. Ed a.k.a Ddoodz
This one guy was funny . He always come with his own idioms, poems, proverbs and never forget to say hi everytime he goes online :)

3. Abil a.k.a Sweetieclara
A very famous person on Formspring and always give good advices to her followers. Every answer from her are truly from the heart :)

4. Ciera a.k.a kerepekpisang

Her spoiled attitude makes her funny and accessible. She's a good friend :)

5. Ratu Pretending
Just know her recently but it was fun and pleasure to talk with her. She always make jokes and made me laugh :B

6. ZackZulaikha

She's a cute girl with a cute style but unfortunately there are some people still confuse with her exact gender. Well let me tell you, she's a girl friend of mine :)

7. Fiefye

One cute little girl and always ask craps however, she was funny and friendly. Love her questions sometimes :)

8. HanisNajwa
This girl spam a lot and gives you questions that makes you think deeply :)

9. Rockafellas
I barely know this guy but he do ask a lot :)

10.Beloved ANON !
I don't know who always like to be Anon and sent thousands of questions in my inbox. Most of the questions are craps and this anon intentionally made me tired of clearing my inbox again :p


  1. oh im teribbly sorry.
    must missed you somewhere.